WOLF: The Origins

Howl Finance
Regardless if you are a lone wolf trader, or you are always in a pack finding those hidden gems, LARPs, or stealths we are here to bring everyone together and get you to partake in the journey to hunt and feast. Let everyone eat well in the vicious reality we live in today.
As developers of Wolf we wanted to create an atmosphere of passive and residual 'drip' income where we can all start to accumulate before the bull-run begins again.
As investors we have seen it all, from memes that last a few days, to projects that will last year's to come. We wanted to create something you can rely on with moderate but reasonable APR with a lore/story to follow along to and lovely unique Wolf pack NFTs that reward you.
Wolf brings the hunters out to play as with that being said, we want to make something that can last regardless of market conditions, because with great things comes a great community. Stay strong Wolves. Howl Finance takes utility, passive income and so much more to another level. Take part and join the journey by purchasing HOWL
Last modified 1yr ago